Síntesis/fabricación de nanopartículas metálicas, dieléctricas y semiconductoras

La Unidad de Materiales y Dispositivos optoelectrónicos (UMDO) de la Universidad de Valencia, cuenta con la experiencia y las capacidades necesarias para la fabricación de diferentes nanopartículas metálicas, dieléctricas y semiconductoras con diferentes campos de aplicación (sensores ópticos, marcadores fluorescentes, portadores de biomoléculas,…).

Equipamiento del laboratorio:


UHV Laser Abalation epitaxial growth

- Excimer laser 193 nm (400 mJ).

- UHV chamber for laser ablation. The equipment has water cooling, and inlets for gases (Ar, N2, He, H2) to the UHV chamber and F-Xe to the excimer laser.


Metal and dielectric sputtering setup

- UHV sputtering chamber (2" and 3" ports). The equipment has water cooling and inlets for carrier gas (Ar) or potentially others (N2, O2, ...).



- Spin coaters. For precision control deposition of homogenous layers of polymers, resists and nanocomposite materials.

- Raith 100 Electron Beam Lithography. A system for marking patterns for later etching as a device, with a resolution of 50 nm. This valuable system is based on an electron microscope column that allows focusing the electron beam in a specimen with interferometric positioning with an accuracy of 1 nm. In addition, the vacuum chamber is designed to be configured as a nanotechnology station, which it will be upgraded to in successive stages of improvement and expansion of research lines.

- UV Lithography setup. Requires just a nitrogen (or dry air) and vacuum for sample holding.

- Wet etch facility. For etching lithographically patterned samples.


Other equipment

- Oxygen plasma cleaner (asher) The machine has inputs for oxygen and nitrogen for cleaning wafers and samples prior to further processing.

- Microsolderer. For bonding components within microelectronic circuits.

- Profilometer. For determining thin film thicknesses in 2D.

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